Hoosick River Greenway

The Mission

Why a Hoosic River Greenway?

  • It will enhance the quality of life within the Village of Hoosick Falls and the Town of Hoosick.
  • It will improve opportunities for healthy activities such as walking, bike riding, and canoeing.
  • It will provide opportunities for people to encounter and experience wildlife, on land and on water, and will help us protect its in-stream and riparian habitats.
  • It will provide a connection to the river, to the history of the area prior to European settlement, and to founding and early years of the Village and surrounding Town of Hoosick.
  • It will provide economic benefits, both directly to small businesses and indirectly through increased tourism and visitation.
  • The Hoosic River Greenway will encourage members of the community to work together to protect and improve our river and its environs, and provide public spaces to improve civic life.